Anna María Restuccia Bucciarelli

Born in Venezuela, raised by Italians and married to a Salvadorian. Trilingual journalist, Spanish copywriter, translator and certified multilingual marketing expert. Graduated from the University of Oklahoma (OU). Over 10 years of experience helping brands create well-written messages in Spanish and providing personalized and high-quality translation services. Value of Multilingual Marketing GO BEYOND WORDS Diverse audiences deserve […]

Evolve Research Team

Speakers: Evolve Research TeamPresentation Title: Influence Unleashed: Inspiring Humans to ActionDescription:Dive into the heart of influence and persuasion. The Evolve team is here to unravel the secrets behind consumer behavior. Jennifer, Stew, Brinkley and Kevin will equip you with the concrete research tools and innovative strategies you need to turn insights into action. Whether the goal […]

Jason Gallagher

Fresh off his latest venture with LeBron James and JJ Redick, MARCON is thrilled to announce award-winning content producer, Jason Gallagher as a breakout session speaker. FROM JASON ON HIS TALK —“I’ll be speaking on “Why am I making this?” This comes from an idea I’m really passionate about when it comes to the creative […]

Armand McCoy

Armand is a seasoned strategic communications professional with a rich 15-year history in the industry. His career has spanned various brands and sectors, where the teams he has led are known for creating innovative marketing solutions that stand out for their originality. Positioned at the crossroads of youth culture and academia, Armand has a unique […]

Casey Twenter

Casey Twenter serves as Paycom’s senior director of brand and creative and has been with the company for nearly seven years, helping to pioneer its brand to new heights. Prior to Paycom, Twenter served in similar roles for Hallmark Cards, Barkley and other advertising agencies across the region, working on national clients like Sonic, Blue […]

Skye Latimer

Skye is a dynamic force, igniting change at the intersection of marketing, DEI, social media, and community empowerment. With a track record that bridges industries, Skye is a recognized thought leader in connecting with diverse audiences through strategic relationship-building, insights-driven marketing, and innovative approaches to inclusivity. Skye’s accolades speak to her impact. She is a […]

Erin Robinson

Erin may be a world-class designer, illustrator and director, but her interpersonal skills are even more impressive. She connects with her teammates, clients and audiences so well because her decisions are rooted in empathy — from the words she chooses to the work she produces. And then there’s her integrity. She doesn’t just oversee award-winning […]

Jason Burks

Jason founded Retrospec Films in 2002.  At age 39 he is one of the youngest directors & cinematographers to have extensive experience with a long list of top-of-the-line motion cameras and equipment used for filming today. He has shot over 2000 TV commercials both regional and national, dozens of music videos, short films, feature films, […]

Jesse Wroblewski

Jesse James Wroblewski has been at the helm of a NY marketing agency for close to three decades. His often offbeat work has been featured in Rolling Stone, the book 505 Weirdest Websites Ever and the long-running horror film fan magazine Fangoria, as well as a plethora of other media outlets. After the realization that […]