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Armand McCoy

Executive Director/Faculty Advisor, Lindsey + Asp

Demystifying A Zeneration: Real Talk, How Gen Z Feels and What It Means For Brands




10:04 am



About the Talk
“Unlock the enigma of Generation Z with Armand McCoy, a strategic communications pro and youth culture specialist who navigates the intricacies of the most influential demographic today. Representing 26% of the global population, Gen Z’s preferences and patterns are reshaping the marketplace. As they grow in power and set trends, understanding their impact is not just beneficial, it’s essential for the success of your brand and organization. Join us as we delve beyond assumptions and gut feelings to reveal what Gen Z truly desires from the brands they choose to embrace. Armand brings to the stage a wealth of hard-earned insights, grounding each revelation in robust primary data and nationwide research. You’ll walk away from this session with a clear understanding of Gen Z’s needs, a strategic mindset informed by real data, and actionable best practices to pivot your approach effectively. ‘Demystifying A Zeneration’ isn’t just a presentation—it’s an essential strategy session for those ready to engage with Gen Z authentically and successfully. and walk away with best practices.”
About the Speaker

Armand is a seasoned strategic communications professional with a rich 15-year history in the industry. His career has spanned various brands and sectors, where the teams he has led are known for creating innovative marketing solutions that stand out for their originality. Positioned at the crossroads of youth culture and academia, Armand has a unique vantage point, providing real-time insights into the evolving preferences that brands are eager to grasp.

At Lindsey + Asp, an award-winning agency renowned for its insights into youth culture, Armand serves as the Executive Director. He leads a dynamic team of nearly 70 young, diverse, energetic and talented professionals who bring fresh perspectives to every project. Together with his Gen Z-led team, he facilitates research, devises strategy, and orchestrates campaigns that not only resonate with today’s youth but also ensure brands remain ahead of the curve. Their expertise and experience spans a variety of industries including: consumer packaged goods (CPG), tourism, the Department of Defense (DOD), food and beverage, non-profits, and education, assisting brands to not only comprehend but also effectively communicate with the younger generations, staying in tune with the latest trends.

Outside the agency, Armand is an adventurer at heart, often found exploring the road less traveled or rigorously training for his next ultramarathon. His passion for teaching complements his explorative spirit, as he imparts wisdom garnered from beyond the confines of traditional learning spaces.

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