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Christian Brim

Author and CEO, CORE Group

Value Pricing: Are you still billing by the hour? Basing your bid on your costs? Unlock your business's most powerful tool, pricing for value.




10:06 am



About the Talk
As a kid you don’t really know how good you have it. That is, until you lose it. Call it what it is, but the day my family declared bankruptcy forever changed my outlook on life. It taught me grit, passion, focus. It taught me what not to be & more importantly it forced me to realize that money is your friend until it’s not. So, you better learn how to manage it.
About the Speaker

My passion is helping small business owners succeed and manage that money. I have worked with hundreds of small businesses from start up to exit. My assistance has been primarily around taxes and finance, but I’ve also done extensive work with businesses on strategy and execution. 

Our company, CORE Group, helps small businesses with a primary focus on creatives across America. We aim to turn their Creative PASSION into PROFIT. All through strategic financial guidance.

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