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Emma Tucker

Senior Digital Strategist, Candor

The Cross-Channel Advantage: Fueling Your Digital Marketing Evolution




2:06 pm



About the Talk
The adage of potential customers needing at least 7 touchpoints before responding to a call-to-action still rings true. Modern marketers are often too quick to recommend only one or two tactics to drive conversions. Emma will break down the benefits of using multiple channels across a marketing strategy rather than nailing yourself down with ONLY Facebook or ONLY paid search – even with a limited budget. She will provide 3 examples of how she’s seen overall performance increase by utilizing more than one marketing tactic. Emma’s goal is for the audience to leave with a sense of wanting to challenge their current strategy, think outside the box and truly A/B test different tactics to see what works best for their audience.
About the Speaker

Emma Tucker is a senior digital strategist at Candor, a fully integrated public relations and marketing agency right here in Oklahoma City. Emma’s career began in the paid search space developing strategies and managing campaigns on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. She’s since grown her career to manage campaigns across multiple digital marketing verticals including social media advertising on Meta, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok and Connected TV and programmatic display advertising. 

Emma holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing from Oklahoma City University where she spent all four years as a collegiate golfer, go Stars! Emma lives in OKC with her husband Clay Tucker (also a digital marketing nerd) and their dog, Penny.

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