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Keynote Speaker

Jesse Wroblewski

CEO/Supervillain, Decommoditized

Marketing For Supervillains




11:06 am



About the Talk
Marketing for Supervillains focuses on the importance and the process of brand differentiation. In a crowded market becoming decommoditized allows brands to avoid price-cutting and actually charge a premium for their product or services.
About the Speaker

Jesse James Wroblewski has been at the helm of a NY marketing agency for close to three decades. His often offbeat work has been featured in Rolling Stone, the book 505 Weirdest Websites Ever and the long-running horror film fan magazine Fangoria, as well as a plethora of other media outlets.

After the realization that the entire marketing industry had gone insane, he retooled, reimagined, and reemerged as something different, something more powerful than the marketing world has ever seen. Eager to share his new vision with the world and spark a marketing revolution, he created the call to arms entitled Marketing For Supervillains.

Jesse lives in a supervillain lair on Long Island, which he has dubbed Chainsaw Estates, with his trophy wife, Florence. (The opposite sex is always attracted to danger!)

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