Naoma Serna-Zahn

Breakout Session: Uncovering your Secret Sauce Leaning into the thing that makes you unique or different is where your secret sauce may hide and typically we have been dealing with years of hiding it. Not knowing that that thing we have been hiding is the secret to our success and will be the thing that […]

Greg Starling

AI models are giving marketers the power to automate and optimize processes in ways never before possible. We’ll look at how companies using this technology will be able to leapfrog their competition while those that don’t will quickly be left behind. We’ll also explore how generative AI can be used in combination with human creativity […]

Andrew Hochradel

Andrew Hochradel is a brand identity designer that uses his unique perspective to create visual systems that are sustainable, innovative, and engaging. With 7 years of teaching experience and theatre background, he is always ready to educate and entertain. You may have seen him on stage hosting Creative South or Circles. You also may have heard one of […]

Kyle Muzny

Do you put an emphasis on viral social content in your digital marketing? What’s it worth if content hits that magic sauce? What’s it worth if it’s only mediocre? Let’s explore the ebbs and flows of social engagement and how to accurately track the value of “going viral”.

Dr. W. Chris Hudson

The world is changing fast, but it’s never good to throw baby out with the bathwater. In this presentation, you’ll learn about repurposing your legacy tools in the digital age of marketing.