Sherri Langburt

Omnichannel Marketing: Integrating Influencers Into Your Plans to Drive ROI

Douglas J. Sorocco

Douglas helps creators, makers, artists, and innovators protect and defend their art, inventions, and ideas, allowing them the opportunity to profit from their creativity and power our economy, communities, and future.

Ivonne Kinser

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, driven by algorithms and real-time experiences, effective marketing calls for a revolutionary approach. Companies must tackle complex challenges by fostering talent and adopting structures with a horizontal perspective, capable of addressing multifaceted, multi-location issues. Ivonne’s keynote will delve into the world of lateral thinking, demonstrating how organizations can adapt to […]

Bridget Rosebeary

Most people don’t realize how important inclusion is until you or someone you love is the one who is excluded. As a marketer and a mom to a special needs child I am all too keenly aware of the stereotypes, stigmas, and to put it quite plainly absence of disabled people and topics in everyday […]

Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown is the founder and CEO of The Good Humans Growth Network™,  a family of communities of extraordinary people who create healthy businesses. Catherine Brown is on a mission to empower generosity in others. She fulfills this by serving as an entrepreneur, community facilitator, sales professional, and author. Catherine founded the How Good Humans […]

Skye Latimer

For many business owners and influencers, tackling race in digital media is hard, so they have historically chosen avoidance as their primary strategy. Many people have little to no personal, let alone professional experience talking about race issues and are afraid of making mistakes that make them seem insensitive, or worse, racist. In this presentation, […]

Bennie Johnson

The new CEO of AMA, Bennie Johnson is a visionary global association leader with a strong track record in innovation and impact. He is a transformative executive that drives change with an emphasis on dynamic partnerships. A veteran marketing strategist and community builder, Bennie has extensive knowledge in marketing, design, and business strategy.

Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Simple Modern, a global producer of premium drinkware and lifestyle products. Founded in 2015 and based in Oklahoma, Simple Modern currently generates a nine-figure annual revenue and is committed to generosity, donating at least 10% of annual profits to nonprofit organizations. Under Mike’s leadership, the company has […]

Bassam Tarazi

Bassam has a track record of “do” unlike most anyone you’ll meet. He has the uncanny ability to rid himself, as well as his clients, and his audiences of all the excuses that keep them from silently sabotaging their own lives.  Beyond that, he’s a damn funny storyteller, hell-bent on shining a light on complex brain […]